About us

The world of Miss India began with " long standing devotion to beauty & insistence upon perfection". Established in 1993 by Mr. Radha Govind Lashkari, the company has set new standards in silver articles over the years. The Company has created a niche for itself not only in India but also abroad & is the only Indian manufacturer who makes in 92.5% Sterling Silver. To cater to diverse needs, Miss India has different lines:- articles mainly antique reproduction, utility items, Decoratives, gift items & exclusive Jewellery for Women.

When it comes to pleasing women Miss India pulls out all stops. Miss India - seeks to captivate a women's heart with its design, which convey elements of harmony elegance & refinement.
At Miss India, we do not believe in manufacturing articles but in creating designs which are " unique, handcrafted fascinating & eternally beautiful. Each piece that is manufactured at Miss India is the result of meticulous work put in by the craftsmen & hence is one of its kind. To ensure that the product will last centuries, only the finest material is used. With its "uncompromising attitude to quality", Miss India intends to go from strength to strength over a period of time.

Our U.S.P.
• Silver interior decorative up to 150 Kg. each piece for collection
• Stunning discovery of sterling silver jewellery and decorative
• Handmade hand carver historic art collection
• Life size hugh, massive gigantic art pcs.
• Only hall marked 925 silver artifacts
• Manufacture, ready stock